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The Basil Bottler Show Podcast

Welcome to The Basil Bottler Show. 

Dec 1, 2007

Welcome to episode 8.

This episode includes a nod and a raising of the hat towards Iain lee, who inspired my diabolical podcasts and many good ones.

Also this week....

rockets, channel swimming, sex, poetry and music.

Its beyond belief.

basil bottler
thirteen and a half years ago

Thanks Watko, I\'m all set for the climb, I\'ve got some golfing shoes and a little flag.
I know there\'s no such word as cant, people often say it when they see me.... i think its cant.

thirteen and a half years ago

Good stuff Basil, keep em coming!

And good luck with the climb this week - i know you can do it. There is no such word as can\\\'t !

All the best and more filthy talk please ;)