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The Basil Bottler Show (almost comedy) Podcast

Welcome to The Basil Bottler Show. 

Apr 6, 2009

Welcome to episode 35.
April 2009 Easter Special.

Is the basil bottler show a modern day phenomenon?
Well read these testimonials....

Mr Dawson, Eastbourne says... "Basil gave me a hernia from all the constant laughter. He gave my wife herpes".

Mrs Starkey, Croydon says... "The Basil Bottler Show is so funny that while I was listening to it my husband left me".

Mr Smith, Cheltenham says "Basil Bottler, he's that bastard who I caught in bed with my twin 19 year old daughters".

Ms Asher, Bromley says "He's a twat".

Please leave your testimonial below.

Answerphone 07928 464 307

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Thanks for another edition of the OAP Pirate radio. i wish all pirate radios were that good!