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The Basil Bottler Show Podcast

Welcome to The Basil Bottler Show. 

Sep 21, 2008

Welcome to episode 29.


LISTEN  to basil's podcast diary.
MARVEL  at basil's daring adventures.
SING  along with basil's beautiful crooning.
PITY  basil's pathetic attempts at comedy.
PHONE  or email basil (if you are a lovely lady) and beg him for sex.

Answerphone  07928 464 307.



Ross Patzelt
eleven and a half years ago

Please be aware this post contains swearing right from the fucking start!

Audio diary! Are you taking the fucking piss out of my chat show you fucking cunt!!!! haha!!

Haha I fucking love your show its so funny!!! I need to go and change my trousers name as I\'ve just pissed myself a bit again......

Cheerio Basil
Ross Patzelt from Norwich

craig williams
eleven and a half years ago

Another peach of a show. I planned on a youtube show but you will get there first.
I also have a problem with my pc........will probably go to PC World though!!
Thanks for the entertainment. You were great on the sex line, will phone it again soon!!