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The Basil Bottler Show (almost comedy) Podcast

Welcome to The Basil Bottler Show. 

Aug 26, 2008

Welcome to episode 28.

 After 27 podcasts of pure genius, now has come the time for that tricky 28th show...

Have I maintained the amazingly high standard?

Lets just say... No.

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Answerphone.  07928 464 307.

Atticus Stount
over eight years ago

Pretty much what they said. Even though I haven't heard this yet.

craig williams
almost eleven years ago

What can I say, Olympics games was so funny and the tourettes was a work of art. I bow to you Basil and say give me more. I would prefer to wait for longer shows than a small show more frequent to be honest. Your shows are ALWAYS worth the wait. Thank you for great entertainment. Pure class in a glass....well podcast.

Joey Clacton
almost eleven years ago

What are you doing man???

I stopped coming here after the \'DEAD\' episode.
I come back to find another FOUR..... NO FIVE.... episodes.

Oh, Well. Lets get downloading because I already know they will be worth it.

Nice to have found you back here again.

almost eleven years ago

Basil, the polite tourette... What a treat! I was having a miserable day today, but you made me smile and now I know life is beautiful after all.
Thank you!

Ross Patzelt
almost eleven years ago

Dear Mr Bottler,

I\'ve just pissed myself laughing at this show and my landlord said I have to buy a new carpet so I\'ll send you the bill for me to clean it up.

Yours sincerly
Ross Patzelt MBE

craig williams
almost eleven years ago

I haven\'t even downloaded your show yet but already I am saying thank you. I am in for a very good evening I just know it. Will message you after I have listened to your great offering.