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The Basil Bottler Show (almost comedy) Podcast

Welcome to The Basil Bottler Show. 

May 10, 2008

Welcome to episode 22, The sex show.

This episode is strictly for adults only, its full of filthy sex and porn.

If you are easily offended, do not listen, but if your not, get stuck in.

Shame there are no pictures.

To contact me...
answerphone 07928 464307

or at Bromley South station... wear a pink carnation (ladies only).

craig williams
over eleven years ago

If you cross a boxer with a rocket do you get the rocket chant? rocket rocket rocket rocket rocket rocket

over eleven years ago

basil, i am surprised at how good you were singing with the guitar. i mean, playing the instrument whilst being oiled up and your fingers not slipping? AMAZING!!!!
i really had a great time listening to this one again. Made my journey a breeze