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The Basil Bottler Show (almost comedy) Podcast

Welcome to The Basil Bottler Show. 

Feb 27, 2008

Welcome to episode 17
the show that brings you good old fashioned family fun.

This show includes...
hardcore sex,
a ufo,
news and weather
and a robot.

all brought to you by Minge-Ola,  my favourite cola.

PS only joking about the porn.

basil bottler
over eleven years ago

thank you for the encouragement Craig, sometimes i think my podcasts are shit, other times i think they are piddle, but then other times i think they are funny - usually just before i pass out.
i am thinking of doing one as a musical, although as i cant sing i might ask David Bowie to help - anyone know his phone number?

craig williams
over eleven years ago

Your welcome Basil the encouragement is a 2 way street. I often think my podcasts are shit. Especialy the last one...just a laps in concentration I think. Please put your email addy in your tittle. If it\'s any help I can do a cracking impression of a David Bowie who can\'t sing? Looking forward to your next offering already.

craig williams
over eleven years ago

Glad you never had the anal probe. It\'s like 10 vindaloo\'s in one night! not recommended...oooh no!
Good podcast, keep \'em comming Basil B.