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The Basil Bottler Show Podcast

Welcome to The Basil Bottler Show. 

Jul 11, 2009

Welcome to episode 38

It's summertime and the living is easy.... unlike the women.

Sit in a deckchair, relax and listen to....

Watkos what the hell is going on here?
Craigs on the road to nowhere.
Attack of the 50ft horror radio show.
The Gary Show.
The big cigarette.
07928 464307

Ross Patzelt
ten and a half years ago

Love the new show! Can\'t believe you didn\'t go on the rollercoaster!

craig williams
ten and a half years ago

I can\'t get enough of your shows. Private Dick is pure genius. However you got an invite from Iain Lee, therefore I have to hate you more than.............things I really hate!!